To enjoy your playthings as long as possible please read the following care instructions.

Allergy warning

Some Quinck Playthings are made of rubber or latex and may cause allergic reactions.
Chains in the Metal series may contain nickel.
If you or the person you play with has a latex, rubber, nickel or other allergy please test the plaything first before using it in a play session.
The black sheathing around some Quinck playthings handles is made of plastic and does NOT contain rubber.

Copper and patinated handles
The copper and patinated handles of some playthings (except the Metals chain flogger series) are covered with many layers of a very hard, clear finish. Despite this protection the handles may still get dinged and scratched when they hit other hard or sharp objects. So don't just throw them in your play bag, but use a protective bag.
The handles may also get damaged when you use aggressive cleaners to clean them. Use a soft damp cloth and a little bit of soap instead. Never immerse or soak your copper Quinck plaything in water or other fluids.

The Metals

In order to provide conductivity for electro play (Violet Wand), the handles of the Metals series are not finished with any coating at all. As a result they will get darker over time, and start showing your finger prints and other marks caused by bodily fluids. Most people like this because it's part of the history of their plaything.
However, if you want to bring back your handle to its original shine you can do that like this: Slide the rubber rings to one side or over the black part of your toy. Cover the edges of the black plastic with tape (sellotape, scotch tape, green painters tape are all good; duct tape and box packing tape might leave a glue residue after removal, so avoid using those.) Then use a small piece of steel wool (available in your grocery or hardware store) and rotate the tool while you wrap the steel wool around it. Make sure you don't use the steel wool on the edges of the tool where it can get entangled in the chains of your plaything. Alternatively, instead of the steel wool you may use a piece of cloth and copper or silver cleaner. When you're happy with the level of shine you can remove the tape and slide the rings back in place. That's it.
Note: All other playthings with copper handles will be severely damaged when you use steel wool or sandpaper to clean their handles.
WARNING: Latex can become permanently stained by copper, and those stains are caused by a chemical process and are hard or impossible to remove. Please be careful when you use your Quinck playthings from the Metal series near or on people that are dressed in latex, or near latex sleep sacks, vac beds and other items.

Triplettes de Hellville and The Stickup
Your Triplettes and Stickup are made with carbon fibre rods. These rods are very strong and flexible but when they are bent too far they WILL break. So don't bend them more than around 30 degrees. Even used at that angle they have plenty of force. Replacement carbon fibre inserts are available for a fee, in case you accidentally break them. Please do not play with a plaything that has a broken carbon fibre rod, the tiny fibres at the break point will be very sharp and might get inserted under the skin.

The Vipers
When you twirl your Viper for an extended period of time the Viper will get warm in one specific spot and may become damaged. Twirling goes best when you hold your Viper by the strap near the silicone bead and twirl the whole plaything, handle included.
Try not to expose your Viper to water or other fluids for prolonged amounts of time. Don't clean a Viper by immersing it in a bowl of water, but wipe it down with a damp cloth and let the Viper thoroughly dry before you store it.

The Floggers, Bricks and other leather playthings
Leather can be cleaned with leather soap but it might damage the protective coating. Wiping it off with a damp cloth is best, and try to avoid using disinfectant towels. If your plaything gets tainted by blood or other bodily fluids, hanging it for a couple of weeks in a closet will kill all potentially harmful pathogens. Sweat and skin oils are actually good for leather and give it a nice patina. If you want to add some moisture to the leather I'd recommend using coconut oil, on the fuzzy side of the leather.

The Ping and the Pong
Use a mild cleaner to clean and let dry afterwards.

The Birch
The wood of the birch is treated with a hard clear finish. If needed, wipe it clean, hang it and let it thoroughly dry before you store it.

Quinck Playthings. Dutch design, made with love in Montreal, Canada.

Note: All Quinck playthings are for novelty purposes only, and we are NOT responsible for any injuries that may occur due to the use and/or misuse of our products. Please play safe.

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